C & C Music Factory

C&C Music Factory were in the beginning Robert Clivillés and David Cole.

They had in 1990 an international chart breaker with Gonna Make You Sweat, what would end on #1 in the charts of the USA and the Netherlands.
The rap in this song was done by Freedom Williams. Also on their following records they often used guest appearances.

After Gonna Make You SweatC&C Music Factory scored a total of 6 other international hits, like the cover of Pride (In the Name of Love) and Things that make you go hmmm.
As Clivilles & Cole they had also a huge clubhit with the track A Deeper Love.

Also as producers for other artists, like Mariah Carey, they had huge succes.

In 1994 C&C Music Factory release a second album, but early 1995 David Cole died.